On October 26/27th our onsite physical location will be closed as we move into the city of Chula Vista and go BE the church in our city. We have invited you to be a part of serving with us that weekend. In addition to finding a project to serve with on Serve Weekend, we want to encourage everyone who attends EastLake Church to go and find a way we can be of service with those in our community throughout the month of October. We are excited to announce a new option: Lead It Yourself!

What are some ways you can extend an attitude of service apart from your weekend church commitment? Are there organizations you are familiar with that you can plan a service project for during the month of October? Does your office staff, family, or growth group have creative ideas around how to bless our city? So how do we do this?

Step 1: Gather your people and brainstorm what you will do.
Step 2: Complete the form here let us know what you are doing.
Step 3: Send pictures of your serve project to serve@eastlakechurch.com.

Check out some of the creative ways our members have jumped into serving through Lead It Yourself

“My neighborhood held a community garage sale and we decided to donate what we raised to a local non profit. We were able to purchase much needed school supplies for our local low income families.” ~ ELC Group Member

“Each weekend a group of us show up to the beach to surf together. We began to notice how much trash was left behind for others. Now we end our surf days with trash pick up and breakfast burritos. It has become the highlight of my week!” ~ ELC Attendee

“Our group took up a collection and paid it forward at a local coffee shop. We gave the cashier $100 and said the next orders are on us until the money runs out. Just let people know that we love our city!” ~ ELC Group Member

“There is a group home located a few blocks from my house. They house youth who are transitioning from foster care and will soon be on their own. Once we found out we asked how we could help. We now bring a hot meal over once a month and enjoy it with them. We have learned so much about our neighbors.” ~ ELC Kids Volunteer

Have fun brainstorming! We look forward to hearing how you will serve and be a blessing to our city in multiple ways!

(Any costs need to be covered by the group participants, but we would love to track the generosity of these "Lead It Yourself" projects.)